When frost is expected…


Here in Watertown, on the outskirts of Boston, we’re expected to get temps in the upper 30s for the next three nights. After a much warmer than average late winter and early spring, I was starting to think we were in the clear with regards to frost, but Mother Nature has different plans for the next few nights.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to me – around these parts we can get frost all the way into the first week of May.

In my garden, there are seedlings for radish, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. At this early stage in the plant’s growth, frost can wipe out a crop. For the soil to retain the warmth of the sun, I covered the seedlings with cut-up pieces from an old set of sheets just before sundown. There wasn’t enough fabric to cover everything, so the Brussels sprouts got covered with inverted clay pots. The warmth from the soil will dissipate slightly, but enough will be retained to keep the little’uns from keeling over from frost.

In the picture below you can see a few other notable things – the pea trellis is doing it’s job guiding the pea seedlings to grow upward. Since last weekend’s big rainstorm, the peas have grown about 6 inches. They love this cool weather. We should be eating peas by the end of May and into the first weeks of June.

In the top of the raised bed all the way on the left, you’ll notice a plant with some little yellow flowers on it. That’s the lone kale plant that survived the winter, and it’s flowering and will hopefully go to seed. It currently resides where I plan to plant my tomato seedlings at the end of May, but I’ll leave it there until I know whtether I’ll get seeds from it or not.

If you’re a gardener and have veggies or recently transplanted flowers outside, be sure to cover them with an old sheet and weigh the sheet down with some rocks.

Happy gardening!

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