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Despite the fact that I’m a new dad with little free time, I’m determined to keep a vegetable garden this year. The thought of little Daniel crawling around the yard in overalls while I work elbow-deep in dirt is too awesome to pass up.

My goal is always to grow as much as possible from seed, but I’m foregoing that this year for lack of time. Too many diapers to change, bottles of formula to dole out, bottles to be cleaned, laundry to wash…you get the picture.

I’ll still grow some things from seed, but I’ll rely on the Waltham Fields Community Farm for seedlings of all sun-loving veggies like tomatoes and cucumber. Those require indoor germination, something I’ve had no time for this year.

I’ve already gotten a few things in the ground. Peas were planted in March and are coming along nicely – the seedlings are about 3 inches high at this point. Yesterday I spent a good part of the afternoon preparing my front vegetable bed for carrots, which were sown just before dark set in.

Here’s a list of everything I’m growing in 2013.

What I’m sowing myself:

Peas (already sown)
Carrots (already sown)
Kale – two varieties: Blue Curled Scotch and Lacinato
Dry beans: Tiger’s Eye and Calypso
Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
Bintje Potatoes
Beets (2nd year planting – for seed only)
In addition, I’ve always got these perennial herbs in the garden: chives, tarragon, and thyme.

Here’s what I’m hoping to buy as seedlings:

Bell Pepper

Here’s a link to what the garden map looks like this year:

Garden 2013

In a future blog post I’ll write more about the beets and growing biennial vegetables for seed, but the long and short of it is that beets have a two-year life cycle and will produce seeds the 2nd year. I’m re-planting whatever viable beets I harvested in the fall, which will “wake up” from a state of dormancy and sprout new leaves, then send up a tall stalk upon which seed pods will grow.

I ache a bit in my chest and shoulders from leaning over to pick out stones from the carrot bed – it’s like I was doing push-ups all day. It’s a good ache though, and at this point I’ll take any exercise I can get in whatever form that manifests itself.

I find myself daydreaming about what my garden will look like in only a few months. Right now it looks like this:

…but will eventually transform to this:

I can hardly wait!


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