Welcome to the new & improved CrispyBits!


After long last, the website redesign is finished! Huge thanks to my friend Michelle Keyo, a cracker-jack web designer who does all the design and technical updates to the website. Without her keen aesthetic sense and eye for detail, this website couldn’t exist. If you’re looking for web design help, you can check out her work and reach out to her at www.michellekeyo.com.

Consider this post a soft re-launch. I’ll be posting new updates on recipes and food topics sooner rather than later, but in the meantime here’s a few updates from my personal life:

  • In October I moved into a part-time role at my company, working 20 hours a week as a recruiter for a high-tech company in Cambridge, MA. Because company policy dictates that payrolled employees must work 30 or more hours a week, I had to resign from my position as a permanent full-time employee before being immediately hired back as an independent contractor.
  • I’m still writing occasional freelance articles for the food section of the Boston Globe. My most recent article was a fun piece where I paired up two chefs to make a 4-course Thanksgiving dinner in 3 hours using these 7 ingredients: turkey, butternut squash, green beans, Brussels sprouts, challah bread, fresh cranberries, and pomegranate. You can check out the article here.
  • Our baby boy is doing great! Daniel is now 10 months old and moving all over the place. He’s not standing or walking yet, but is quite the explorer as he does a modified “army crawl” all around the house. (He’s poking at random objects around the living room as I write this very blog post.)
  • My band, Root Nine, released our self-produced studio EP in October. Check it out at http://rootnine.bandcamp.com/. You can download it for free!

That’s about it for now – stay tuned for more!


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