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I recently came across this article in the Boston Globe regarding food tourism as a boost to Baby Boomers’ travel in retirement. It was an interesting read, although my take is that travel centered around food, or at the very least inclusive of food being part of the destination, is a great way for anyone to travel – especially when going overseas.

When Leslie and have visited Europe, we’ve generally had at least one food destination. In Sweden, it was a fantastic meal at Oaxen Krog, on an Island not far from Stockholm. In Paris, it was the meal-of-a-lifetime at Michelin-starred Taillevent. One trip to Montreal included a meal of poutine (gravy & cheese fries) at La Banquise. Washed down with an easy to drink beer, it was a perfect casual meal.

Each of these experiences made the trips richer and more memorable. Whether it’s eating at a fine dining establishment, getting a burger at a hole-in-the-wall bar, or visiting an outdoor produce market, including food destinations as part of your travel will give you a look into the culture of virtually any place you visit.

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