Does the Zing make you Zzang?


I have a new favorite candy bar.

Leslie and I were at Fastachi in Watertown today, where they make and sell amazing roasted nuts and hand-made chocolates.They also sell stuff brought in from elsewhere, and the Zzang bar pictured in this post caught my attention for two reasons.

#1 is it’s made by Zingerman’s, a gourmet food company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that I’ve admired for many years. They’ve grown from a small deli into a family of various food businesses including a creamery, a bakery, and a mail-order business. I’ve been a fan going on a decade now and always enjoy reading the voluminous missives of founding partner Ari Weinzweig in the Zingerman’s newsletter.

Reason #2 is that Snickers is one of my favorite candy bars and I immediately recognized from the picture on the box that this was an amped-up take on a Snickers bar. I had to have it.

It’s delicious. So delicious that I finished it before I could even take a picture, hence the box in the photo and not the candy bar itself. It’s a gorgeous collision of roasted peanuts, gooey caramel, and butter honey nougat enrobed in a layer of semi-sweet dark chocolate. It’s to die for.

Make your way to Fastachi if you’re in the area and pick up a few – but don’t take all of them. I’ll be coming back for more!

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