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Vegetable Garden 2013

Garden in July

Despite the fact that I’m a new dad with little free time, I’m determined to keep a vegetable garden this year. The thought of little Daniel crawling around the yard in overalls while I work elbow-deep in dirt is too

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Peas, please

It’s that time of year: pea season — planting the peas, that is. There’s something special to me about having peas in the garden. They’re one of the first things to pop through the soil, after having been planted when

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Spring peas – a window of time that’s short but sweet

  Spring peas are one of my favorite things that come out of my vegetable garden. They are always the first thing I plant, usually in late February or early March, so for me peas represent renewal and the start

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Vegetable garden update

The vegetable garden has been coming along nicely, albeit with a few setbacks. On the plus side, the warm late winter/early spring meant that my peas, spinach, and radishes all came up earlier than planned. One of the negatives with

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When frost is expected…

Here in Watertown, on the outskirts of Boston, we’re expected to get temps in the upper 30s for the next three nights. After a much warmer than average late winter and early spring, I was starting to think we were

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