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Fiddlehead season!

Sauteed fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are the edible tender shoots of the ostrich fern, found throughout the Northeast U.S. but especially common in Maine. They fall into the same category as fresh peas, morels, squash blossoms, and other seasonal delicacies – they’re here for

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A simple salad for spring

Arugula Salad

This time of year can be torturous for farmer’s market enthusiasts. Here in Boston, sprig weather is here but most vegetable crops aren’t ready for harvest yet. What’s a locavore to do? A simple salad using pantry ingredients is a

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Spring peas – a window of time that’s short but sweet

  Spring peas are one of my favorite things that come out of my vegetable garden. They are always the first thing I plant, usually in late February or early March, so for me peas represent renewal and the start

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Basic Tomato Sauce

Although there’s still 6 months to go before the first ripe tomatoes come out of the vegetable garden, I’m fortunate to have several containers of frozen chopped tomatoes from last year’s small-but-good-enough tomato harvest. It’s a nice remedy to the

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A Quick Weeknight Meal – Sprouts & Sausage

One of my favorite weeknight dinners to make is broiled sweet pork sausages alongside pan-roasted Brussels sprouts. Your dinner will be ready in 15 minutes flat, provided you have some bread or pre-made grain at the ready, such as leftover

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