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Lemon & tarragon butter sauce

I read a recent Boston Globe article explaining why lobster prices are the lowest I’ve seen in my lifetime. While this is bad news for lobstermen, it’s good news for consumers. For those of you with champagne tastes but a

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Basic Tomato Sauce

Although there’s still 6 months to go before the first ripe tomatoes come out of the vegetable garden, I’m fortunate to have several containers of frozen chopped tomatoes from last year’s small-but-good-enough tomato harvest. It’s a nice remedy to the

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A Hot Dog with Onion Sauce and Van Gogh on the Side

Leslie and I were in Manhattan between Christmas and New Year’s, primarily to visit with family but partly to visit to the Museum of Modern Art.  I was especially interested in viewing an exhibit called Counter Space: Design and the

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Dim Sum Dipping Sauce!

For about 6 months from late 2003 into 2004 I worked as a cook at Cha Fahn, a tea room that also served food.  Although Cha Fahn went out of business several years ago, I still have fond memories of

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