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Peas, please

It’s that time of year: pea season — planting the peas, that is. There’s something special to me about having peas in the garden. They’re one of the first things to pop through the soil, after having been planted when

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Food tours & travel

I recently came across this article in the Boston Globe regarding food tourism as a boost to Baby Boomers’ travel in retirement. It was an interesting read, although my take is that travel centered around food, or at the very

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Does the Zing make you Zzang?

I have a new favorite candy bar. Leslie and I were at Fastachi in Watertown today, where they make and sell amazing roasted nuts and hand-made chocolates.They also sell stuff brought in from elsewhere, and the Zzang bar pictured in

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Lemon & tarragon butter sauce

I read a recent Boston Globe article explaining why lobster prices are the lowest I’ve seen in my lifetime. While this is bad news for lobstermen, it’s good news for consumers. For those of you with champagne tastes but a

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Spring peas – a window of time that’s short but sweet

  Spring peas are one of my favorite things that come out of my vegetable garden. They are always the first thing I plant, usually in late February or early March, so for me peas represent renewal and the start

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