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A simple salad for spring

Arugula Salad

This time of year can be torturous for farmer’s market enthusiasts. Here in Boston, sprig weather is here but most vegetable crops aren’t ready for harvest yet. What’s a locavore to do? A simple salad using pantry ingredients is a

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Vegetable Garden 2013

Garden in July

Despite the fact that I’m a new dad with little free time, I’m determined to keep a vegetable garden this year. The thought of little Daniel crawling around the yard in overalls while I work elbow-deep in dirt is too

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Peas, please

It’s that time of year: pea season — planting the peas, that is. There’s something special to me about having peas in the garden. They’re one of the first things to pop through the soil, after having been planted when

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Three great things I’ve eaten recently

It’s been a while – the past 8 months have been a whirlwind, but to sum it up: I’m a new dad! As such, writing has taken the backburner for a while. I’m hoping to get back into a regular

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Food tours & travel

I recently came across this article in the Boston Globe regarding food tourism as a boost to Baby Boomers’ travel in retirement. It was an interesting read, although my take is that travel centered around food, or at the very

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